Drew a house, everyday, for 1 year. Now drawing for the love of it.

milkisacowjuice said: Hi my dear! Just saw a bunch of tiny shrink plastic house brooches that made me think of you. So I came here to give you this idea... and then saw your wood brooches! They're the cutest!!! Love your work. Keep going and have a nice day!

Always 1 step ahead ;) Thank you for thinking of me though ^_^ Have a lovely day.

Time to #paint!    #illustration #royalmile #drawing #lawnmarket #architecture #wip

First edition house badges are up for grabs over on Etsy now!

(and going cheap as it’s their trial run) :D

@ meg-collis 

Next project. Turning houses into badges 😁
368. Glasgow School of Art
367. A little house on drift ice
for lifeintwod

A little house on drift ice

I don’t really have a picture, just a picture in my mind, a tiny house with one or two windows, a little green door and a chimney. It’s on a drift ice in the water, and smoke is coming from the chimney. It’s cozy little house:) I would be sooo happy if you drew it!! 
Love your art!<3

Rebecca Horne - A house, A Day - DEADBIRD Review

Just stumbled upon this lovely review of my work :O 

Feeling rusty   366. Red Brick Terrace
Current commission has picked me up and thrown me outta my comfort zone. I miss houses 😭😅

3 hand-ins done and my degree is finished ^_^ Now back to drawing houses :D

They&#8217;re mostly 18 x 18&#160;cm
Thank you!
Etsy &gt; https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RJHorne
Thank you :D
and yes, I&#8217;ll draw an ant&#8217;s house, great suggestion!

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say your illustrations are so cute and creative! I also enjoy illustrating and your work inspires me :) have a great day!

Ahh thank you ^_^ It’s nice to hear you’ve been inspired :D have a lovely day too!

Anonymous said: Wow! You sell your houses on Etsy? What does print mean? Is it your hand-drawn picture or a scan of it? Every house is in one exemplar? Sorry for this question, I just can't understand. Thank you!

Hey, yes, I do, but not the originals. I scan all of my houses into my computer, clean ‘em up and then print them out to sell should anyone request one :)

My first Etsy rating :D Something good has come out of today ^_^