Drawing a house, everyday, for 1 year.

My first Etsy rating :D Something good has come out of today ^_^

Anonymous asked: Do you have a big stack of drawings? Or like a folio with them all in it?

A big stack :D  

Here they are:

grandpawascool asked: Hey do you sell prints, or original copies? I would love to have a canvas from you on my wall :)

Hello :) Yes, I do. I sell copies of all the houses over on my Etsy and I’m happy to do custom orders if theres a combination of houses you’d like on 1 sheet.

At the moment I don’t sell the originals as I’m not sure what I wanna do with them yet :P 


Anonymous asked: What are you going to draw next?

Good question! I’ve been thinking a lot about this and decided to keep going with buildings but branch out a little from houses and draw churches, hospitals, sky scrapers etc. But first I’m gonna draw all the suggestions I’ve had but not gotten round to:

The cottage Gracie and her bf are moving into, buildings from Eira, Kallio and Punavuori in Helsinki, a house with cats, cats everywhere, the house the ramp got cut off of, a typical house from Quindio, and a Dr Seuss House.

Made a poster 😁
Draw a City
365. My House - the last house
Well, this has been fun guys ^_^ What a year is has been, I think I’ve drawn more this year than I have in all my life :O Thank you for all the supportive messages (which I will respond to - I promise!) and for those of you that have made some cracking requests, they’ll be drawn eventually. But now it’s time for a break while I focus on finishing my degree. Shall be back in the summer :D See you then :)
364. Pie House for π day
363. Pancake House
362. One Windowed House 
361. Lego House
360. Chalky House 
357. T.V. House
359. Enclosed House